Instead of focusing on all the drama that is happening from the fallouts of people being held accountable, (FINALLY) we can’t get distracted (look over there!) by the tea, we have to keep our feet on the gas of this movement. There is a lot of work to be done and it will not happen overnight. Am I the only one who will work out for like two weeks and say, “yup, I’m good” ? Or start journaling, do it for like a week and fall off? As a society our attention span is the size of a tic-tac. Having something in the news cycle for a minute then turning our attention to a new topic. Rinse and repeat. First our feed was all about politics, trying to select our democratic candidate (Liz W. 4ever), then it was everything Covid related. From how to make banana bread to all of us complaining about needing haircuts and manicures (you should see my nails rn). Now the topic is Black Lives Matter. This is the year we are changing the pattern. We can not let this topic fall to the wayside. I repeat, we can not let this topic fall to the wayside.

My mom says it’s like a garden — you have to tend to it everyday. That means planting the seeds, (educating ourselves) I have been doing so much research and learning new things everyday. Our history as a country is white washed and we have been conditioned to celebrate people who were actually pretty horrible to women + BIPOC, (i.e. Christoper Columbus, J. Edgar Hoover, Robert E. Lee, etc. I could make an entire post just on the terrible white men in our history that we praise). There is so much to learn about black history and there are SO many resources right at our fingertips. Then watering the seeds, (making plans for our next steps) in any successful movement you have to have a direct plan of action. What do we want out of this? What are our demands for the future? How do we prevent this from happening again? Which leads us to pulling out the weeds, (defunding police, breaking the systemic racism wheel, VOTING) I know the thought of defunding the police makes a few of your butt-cracks sweat but it is actually a good thing! It does not mean having no law enforcement whatsoever, reducing police budgets and reallocating those funds to crucial and often neglected areas like education, public health, housing, and youth services. That is major! Once we complete these steps think of how rewarding it will be to enjoy the fruits of our labor!

The first civil rights movement took over 14 years with several assassinations in the process. We can not go back to life the way it was before. It has been such a bittersweet moment for me — it is so disheartening that we still have to have the discussion with people convincing them that black lives do indeed matter. Seeing that Thomas Lane made his one million dollar bail from an online fundraiser. People actually paid for that convict to be out in the streets?! Or Trump having a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Juneteenth. If anyone thinks that is not a calculated ploy to get his white supremacists groupies riled up you are as delusional as Nancy Pelosi wearing that kente cloth! (I mean really, what the FUCK was that?!) It is also so beautiful seeing my allies from not only the states but countries all over the world show up for black people and this movement. My friends in Switzerland! My friends in the U.K.! My friends in Italy! I’ve been saying “this is history book shit!” our future children and grandkids will say “you went through 9/11 AND 2020?! You put the G in Granny!”

When I was a child one of the movies I loved watching over and over was an animated movie called ‘My Friend Martin’. It was about Martin Luther King Jr. and his life until his death. If you “know me-know me” you know I am extremely empathetic (truly a gift and a curse) and feel all emotions/energies around me. Picture six year old me watching this movie and he gets shot! I was completely wrecked. I swore to my mom I would win an Oscar by the time I was 25 and that if another civil rights movement happened I would fight for everyone just like Martin did. Obviously, the latter is how my life has ended up and I am totally fine with that. What do you want your legacy to be? I want to be able to look back at this point not only in my life, but the way the world was and be proud that I never took my foot off the gas. (Jk, I know that is a terrible way to drive, irl. CTA 4ever).

hi my name is Cyntisha, and i’m bad at punctuation. just telling my truth. trying to make the world a better place. she/her/that bitch.